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2008-05-04 00:31:13 by 00-Ray-00

a fast paste action shooter toon with full body animation, this has to be the best FbF animation i yet to make, so far im only half way making it and so far it looks insane!, i dont expect to finshed this so soon, it being only me working on this makes it harder, so i guess im looking for any one thats good at FBF animations if not a good background artist.

The story
Matt-vs-Maxx is basicly just one long gun-fight scene, Matt founds himself in an old metal factory, he then realizes its a trap set up by Maxx as the doors behide him close and lock. fighting Maxx isnt going to be easy for Matt, Maxx has been injected with some called VileHeck, a vile made to increast streth and over all body functions. also with, Maxx so happens to be Matt's littel brother, "in the toon, matt will show a small photo of him with his family and maxx beside him''

ANYone wanna help? e-mail, or PM me W/E.
the screen shot is of Maxx,



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2008-05-28 01:12:41

Yayaya, I remember this, I want to see this.


2008-06-05 04:14:11

oh wow this looks cool, plus i am a sucker for gas masks =P


2008-06-08 18:56:29

are you davids brother ray?cause I am alex from p.s.41

00-Ray-00 responds:

no, and i have no idea who you are or were your from, the odd of mebeing that person is 100000000 to 1, keep that in mind if your looking for some one, on this site